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Welcome to this grate Web Site Just for KID'S.
Where you will find games, puzzles, comics, movies, and more,

 these links will provide children of all ages an opportunity to learn more about 
The Love of Jesus, And personal safety.  We would encourage parents to explore
these sites with your children, then speak with them about a personal relationship
 with JESUS CHRIST. Thanks for stopping by, and have


 Find out click on one of the Logos.



The Story of Colors
A story so special, it doesn't even need words.

Welcome To Garfield's Island Web Site For Kids
Check out all the fun stuff on this Web site. 
Fun and Games, a cool site for kids.
Just click on The Picture and HAVE FUN

Explore the RAIN FOREST just click
on the Logo.
And don't be afraid

Hey kids, welcome to Daren's clubhouse! In the clubhouse, you'll learn about kids from all over the world who have one thing in commonD.A.R.E.
Whether you've taken D.A.R.E. at school or just wantto know more about it, this is the place to be.

Join Smokey for some forest and campfire fun. And, along the way,
discover Smokey’s rules for forest fire safety and prevention so that you can
become a member of Smokey’s team!

Lets Have FUN With Smokey!

 is just for kids. Got a question about staying safe?
Ask McGruff for advice.

 Learn basic safety rules with Scruff through games,puzzles and comics. Find out how you can help

Take A Bite out of Crime!

A Special Thanks to my Big Buddy Lyal Shoff for his work on all the Graphic's.

   Send mail with questions or comments or suggestions about this web page to

  Last modified: March 09, 2006

If you have discovered any web site for kids that could be added to this page,
please email me. Please include the exact web address.